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Tractor Supply Company (TSC) is one of the largest retail chains for farm and ranch products in the United States. With a strong focus on rural lifestyle retail, TSC operates over 2,000 stores across 49 states. The company offers a wide range of products, including agricultural equipment, hardware, gardening supplies, pet care products, apparel, and more. In addition to its flagship brand, Tractor Supply Company owns several other brands that cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

1. Petsense: Petsense is a subsidiary of Tractor Supply Company that specializes in pet products and services. It offers a wide range of pet food, supplies, and accessories, including dog and cat food, toys, beds, and grooming products. Petsense also offers services such as pet grooming, pet training classes, and pet adoption programs. With over 170 stores across the United States, Petsense provides dedicated pet care solutions to pet owners in small towns and rural areas.

2. Del's Feed & Farm Supply: Del's Feed & Farm Supply is a retail brand that caters to the needs of farmers, ranchers, and pet owners. Tractor Supply Company acquired Del's in 2019, expanding its rural lifestyle retail offerings. Del's is well-known for its wide range of agricultural products, including animal feed, farm equipment, fencing supplies, and other essential items for farmers and ranchers. With more than 50 stores in the Pacific Northwest region, Del's is a vital part of Tractor Supply Company's portfolio.

3. Orscheln Farm and Home: Orscheln Farm and Home is another notable acquisition by Tractor Supply Company. With over 165 stores in 11 states, Orscheln offers a comprehensive range of products for farm, ranch, and rural lifestyles. The product offerings include agricultural equipment, livestock feed, pet supplies, clothing, and hardware. Orscheln Farm and Home, much like Tractor Supply Company, focuses on providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products to its customers.

4. Tractor Supply Company exclusive brands: As a leading retail chain in the rural lifestyle sector, Tractor Supply Company also owns a range of in-house brands. These exclusive brands cater to various categories within the company's store offerings. Some of these brands include:

- Ridgecut: Ridgecut is Tractor Supply Company's own brand of rugged workwear for men and women. It offers durable clothing, footwear, and accessories designed to withstand the demands of outdoor work environments.

- CountyLine: CountyLine is Tractor Supply Company's brand for agricultural equipment and supplies. It provides a wide range of products such as tractor parts, fencing, irrigation systems, and more.

- GroundWork: GroundWork is Tractor Supply Company's brand for gardening and landscaping supplies. It offers products such as fertilizers, seeds, gardening tools, and irrigation equipment to assist customers in maintaining beautiful lawns and gardens.

In conclusion, Tractor Supply Company is more than just a single retail brand. With strategic acquisitions and the development of exclusive brands, TSC has diversified its offerings and expanded its reach within the rural lifestyle retail market. Brands like Petsense, Del's Feed & Farm Supply, and Orscheln Farm and Home have allowed Tractor Supply Company to cater to the unique needs of farmers, ranchers, and pet owners across the United States. Additionally, the company's exclusive brands like Ridgecut, CountyLine, and GroundWork add value to its product portfolio, further cementing its position as a trusted provider of essential products and services in the rural lifestyle sector.


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